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– Boat Show Services

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If you’re a boat dealer or manufacturer who appears at regular boat shows, we offer boat show services that can keep your boats looking great from start to finish. We know a pristine-looking boat can mean more positive attention and a more successful show overall. Our personalized programs offer the cleaning and maintaining of your boat throughout the show, starting with a full clean at the beginning of the show and a touch-up every morning before it starts. We even offer PLANTS to enhance your boat display.

Our services begin with a full clean of your boat at the start of the show, ensuring it looks its best from the moment it’s displayed. During the show, our team will be on hand every morning to touch-up the boat, making sure it continues to look its best. We use only the highest quality products and techniques to keep your boat in top condition, and our attention to detail is second to none. In addition to cleaning and maintaining your boat, we also offer a range of accessories and plants to enhance your display.

Boat Show Services

The Benefits Of Our Boat Show Services


Clean Start

A thorough initial cleaning to showcase the boat’s best appearance.


Daily Maintenance

Touch-ups every morning to maintain boat’s appearance throughout the show.


Quality Products

High-quality products used to ensure boat stays in top condition.



Plants and accessories to enhance the boat display and attract attention.

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